father gave me my very first computer in the year 2000, at the moment that I started my Computer Science graduation. I knew nothing about those things, didn’t know the meaning of that “black screen with letters in it”. Well, now I can’t breathe without it. (Or I’ll might actually write a script that breathes for me!)

Which leaves us to the next thing: I’m an automation addict. My current job gives me the privilege to work with things that I love, the freedom to do things that eventually fail. That’s what keeps me learning new things every day.

I prefer teamwork over individual work. I see myself as a really committed team player. I believe in the power of collaboration, and that’s why I’m all-in for Open Source projects.

I currently play the role of Infrastructure Automation Engineer at (Betfair Group). I have a strong background in Linux systems administration and pretty nice developer skills.

Apart from that, I have way too many hobbies: from photography all the way to rc helicopter flying.

Can’t really finish without staying: I’m really lucky to live and work surrounded by a dozen of absolute ninjas. They inspire me, they share the same enthusiasm, and that’s nothing but pure awesomeness.

Later chaps!